Ethical Considerations in Estate Planning and Estate Trust Administration & Fiduciary and Estate Litigation

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Time: 7:30am - 9:45am
Location: Wolferts Roost Country Club
Speaker: Steven McDaniels, Esq.

We are seeing increased family fights especially as it relates to older clients with family members pushing a parent to plan the estate as they desire.  You just cannot make up some of this stuff!

Join us as Steven McDaniels, Esq. leads us through TWO main topics:

  1. Ethical Issues for Estate Planners
  2. Fiduciary and Estate Litigation

ALSO - Mr. McDaniels has assured us that anyone who is involved in estate planning should attend this course - it is not geared solely to attorneys.

Here's what the class covers:

Ethical Issues for Estate Planners

  • Sources of Ethical Rules
  • Who is the Client and who is NOT the client
  • Basic Conflicts in representing various family members
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Dealing with elderly clients and clients with diminished capacity
  • Communication with clients. 
  • Competency of the Attorney

Fiduciary and Estate Litigation

  • Why do trustees, executors and fiduciaries get sued
  • Read it again – making mistakes in documents
  • Failure to provide documentation to beneficiaries
  • Failure to diversify
  • Breach of duty of loyalty
  • Self dealing
  • Court cases of interest

Continuing Ed: Application for New York CLE accreditation of this course is currently pending. Application is pending for CFP CE and our Council is an approved sponsor organization for CPA CE.


We hope to see you live and in-person!




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