Social Security Benefits Planning for Couples and Safe Withdrawal Rates

Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013
Time: 7:30 - 10:00
Location: Wolferts Roost Country Club
Speaker: Michael Kitces



Social Security Benefits Planning for Couples

Session Description:

As an entitlement program, Social Security retirement, spousal, and survivor benefits affect almost every financial planning client. Yet the Social Security system itself comprises a confusing series of rules, especially with respect to couples, making it difficult to determine the optimal decisions about which members of a couple should apply for which benefits at what time. In this session, we will explore the important rules that apply to retirement, spousal, and survivor Social Security benefits for couples, special elections like File and Suspend and Restricted Applications, and how to most effectively plan for and optimize Social Security benefits for couples.


Understanding Safe Withdrawal Rates: Mechanics, Uses, & Caveats

Session Description:

Determining a “safe” amount of retirement spending is an increasingly popular topic amongst financial planners, yet a great deal of confusion exists about the current state of research and how it should be applied. In this session, we will explore the problems with traditional linear projections, the impact of the sequence of returns on the ability to safely retire, the current state of research on safe withdrawal rates, and the uses and potential concerns of applying the research in client situations.




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